About Wildwood Press

Welcome to Wildwood Press!

Wildwood Press is a for-profit, for social good business.

For-profit and for-social-good? This hybrid mission of making a positive social impact with financial stability isn’t new. Wildwood Press sales come from Midwest Fiber Arts Trails members’ fees, publication sales and subscriptions. Wildwood Press started in 2009 as a way to combine my enthusiasm for textile arts (okay, I’ll admit, I LOVE knitting) and to create awareness of the rich textile community within the Midwest.

So far, Wildwood Press has created awareness of over 150 Midwest fiber artists through printed publications, online feature stories, exhibits and events.

Mission, vision and values:

The mission of Wildwood Press is to honor the Midwest’s rich textile heritage and celebrate and promote the work of contemporary fiber artists.

The Midwest Fiber Arts Trails and Fiber Art Almanac:

  • Celebrate the connection between place and textile art and design
  • Honor the influence of historic textiles on contemporary work and future vision
  • Encourage discovery and growth in self-expression
  • Foster creativity and collaboration
  • Change as a reflection of the community
  • Welcome everyone.


Contact Wildwood Press:

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