Essays From the American Midwest: The Quilt Maker’s Story

Ten quilt makers share their stories about life and love in the Midwest.


In this inaugural online exhibit series of Fiber Art Almanac: Essays from the American Midwest, ten regional and national stage quilt makers add their voice to the collective narrative about textiles in the Midwest today. Their quilt making is the visual paradigm through which they tell their stories. They share their journeys, connections to their childhoods, and influences from their contemporaries, fans, and travels. From heartbreaking loss and grief, finding oneself amidst the rubble, and reflecting on the joy of family memories.

What’s new in quilting arts today? The momentum of change continues as more people enter the quilting arena with completely new and diverse ideas and methods of creating compelling art. The quilts in this book offer a window to techniques that include imprinting and dyeing on fabric with botanical matter, painting whole cloth, raw edge applique, improvisational piecing and hand stitching, multi-media, playing with color, texture and more!

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